Test protocol

The freestyle test protocol.

The test protocol consists of 4 blocks with 4 swims, see picture.

Swim 1: 400m(5min) with intensity under Anaerobic Threshold(80-85% of PB). The lactate concentration on this swim has to be higher than 2,5mmol/l.

Swim 2: 400m(5min) with intensity over Anaerobic Threshold(85-90% of PB). Appr. 10-15seconds faster than the first swim.

Swim 3: 200m(>2:30) same intensity/ pace as in Swim-2.

Swim 4: 200m(>2:30min) ALL OUT SWIM.

Prior to each swim, before starting, the lactat-value has to be lower than 3,5mmol/l.

After each swim there is a swim with active recovery.

Important things for executing the test:

  • Every swim is with a push, no starts.
  • Even paceing is very important
  • Prior to the test we recommand to have one easy day of training without strength/ gym training.
  • For best results is to do the test in a 50m pool, 25m pool is also possible.

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