How to use as a coach?

How to use as coach?

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Step 1: The lactate-test gives you information about your swimmers aerobic and anaerobic capacities.

The capacities should be evaluated depending on the swimmers competion goal.

Is the swimmer a sprinter, middle distance, distance swimmer and how are there capacities compared with that ?

Step 2: The overview over the capacities you can set more specifici trainiggoal for your swimmers. This is of course depending on what distance and stroke the swimmer are swimmming.

In general the traininggoals are:

  • to increase the swimmers VO2max/ aerobic system and/or
  • to decrease, decrease or stabilizing the VLamax/ anaerobic system.

Step 3: Using individualized trainingzones and recommandations for stimulatiing the VO2max/ VLamax you can define the right trainingintensities to develop your swimmers capacities.

Here you choose the rigth traningstimulus for Low Intensity, High Intensity, Threshold Intensity to devolop the swimmers aerob-/ anaerob capacities.

Step 4: Re-testing after 6-12 weeks to evaluate the swimmers development regarding the targeted traininggoal.

You have now the proper information to evaluate your swimmers training development and evaluating if your training has worked in the planed direction.

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