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Icelandic Swimming Federation.

OptimizaR was contacted by the Icelandic Swimming Federation in 2018. They wanted to raise their level of their swimmers and draw up a long-term plan for the development their swimmers.

OptimizaR's was able to offer a swim lactate-test with the Inscyd platform so each swimmer could get an capacity analyses, which they welcomed.

Ragnar has beeing testing the Icelandic Swimmers since 2018 regularly 2-3times a year.
An Icelandic Coach commented: "The process of OptimizaR has been very knowledge-giving with great improvements for my swimmers"

Click on this link and read a very exiting article about OptimizaR's work with the Icelandic Swimming Federation which was published on Inscyd.com blog.

Ragnar is still in cooperation with the Icelandic Swimming Federation on a longterm process to improve and prepair the swimmers for the future competetion and raise the performance level of icelandic swimming.


S 68 Hjørring Denmark.

Ragnar has been working with the the swimclub S 68 Hjørring, Denmark on several ocassions since 2019.

In combination with lactate-testing and exchanging knowlegde with Head Coach Heine. Ragnar has taken a roll as an inspiration/ sparring partner for Heine. 

Ragnar´s filosofi on doing laktattestting is also to involve the swimmers. That is been done through short lectures on the testresults and application in training wtih the goal to educate the swimmers, with big satisfaction. Thereby the swimmers can take responsibility on training at the rigtht intensities.

Ragnar is always thinking on a holistic approach in the using testresults and to create a dynamic situation between the swimmer and the coach. Using the testinformation will optimize the quality of your daily training.

Swimclub Triton Ballerup - 10 week projekt

This project with the swimclub Triton Ballerup was very interessing.

Ragnar came and tested 8 swimmers in mid-january. Ten weeks later he did a re-test of all 8 swimmers.

Betweeing the tests the swimmers where using the trainingzones to improve ther capacities. In particular using the HIT/ VO2max interval designer for developing the VO2max.

Five out of eight swimmers improved there physiological capacities.

After every testday, every swimmer got an one-one session with the headcoach and Ragnar. Here went Ragnar through the results and explaining the outcome. A conversation between Ragnar and the head coach took place with the explanation how he could use the testinformation in training.

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Triton Ballerup
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