Training application

Using the testinformation as a coach.

Testresults/ -information never stand alone in preparing the swimmers for competion in training and stimulating the rigth capacities.

The application is very important in training. The most important thing is to implemantate the information to daily training and use them to improve the performance of your swimmer.

Ragnar would be happy to help you with that through his experienced as a former elite coach, scientific  knowlegde and own swimming experience as an elite athlete.

The correct and individualized trainingintensities are key in the process of training, depending of what the metabolic profile of the swimmer have.

You as a coach can therefor have a better quality of trainingloads for developing the swimmers capacities.

Individualized training zones

Defining default trainingzones/ -intensities from PB, 2000m-test ect. is the normal practical approach for coaches.

The Trainingzones/ -intensities OptimizaR is defined from the individual capacity of the swimmer. Therefor they are much more accurate and specific for stimulating the capacities in the right direction, epending on the swimmers traininggoal.

The reason for that is, the trainingzones are very depending on the swimmers anaerobic and aerobic capacities. Nobody produces the energy in the same way, even if they have the same PB.

OptimizaR has the possibility to individualize the trainingzones to find the right stimulus for adaptaion and get a bigger gain out of the training.

Training load recommandations

To define more specific trainingloads/-intensities Ragnar uses the recommandations for %of VO2max, % of VLamax and lactate-concentration to individualize the training intensities.

This depending on what traininggoal the swimmer is trying to achieve.

Here you can se the recommandation for lactate values in relationship with the %VO2max stimulus.

Depending what your traininggoal is you can look into how high the your stimulus in on the VLamax. This is important in HIT/ VO2max training to find the right stimulus for your swimmers traininggoal.

Designing effektiv HIT intervaltraining.

Using the information from the figure in the picture you can design the right trainingload for the swimmers intervaltraining, in particular in HIT/ VO2max sessions.

Here you can design the trainingload depending on if the swimmer has do increase, decrease or stabilize the VLamax in HIT/ VO2max session.

You use the lactat-combution-rate(green line) and the lacate-accumalation(purple line) rate to define the right trainingload.

In the picure you can se a trainingload where the lactat-combution and the lactat-accumulation is the same , an factor 1-to-1 on workload and rest.

Depending on your traininggoal you can set the factor workload:rest as you wish. Like 1:2, 1min on with 2min off.

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