Personlige træningszoner

Training Zones

The table above shows your individual training zones. These zones are not generated as fixed percentages of anaerobic threshold, or personel best times, or other static metrics, like you get elsewhere. Each zone listed here has its own individual origin, and is related to an actual performance metric = your current status.

For each zone, you will find an upper and lower intensity limit, plus the target value, which you should focus on when training in this zone.

Zone 1 – recovery: the lowest intensity zone. Used mostly used for easy trainings, rest days and in between intervals.

Zone 2 – base: this is the “bread & butter” zone for endurance training. Zone 2 is the zone in which the long endurance trainings are to be completed.

Zone 3 – medio: a mid intensity zone, between the base endurance, and anaerobic threshold.

Zone 4 – FatMax: the intensity at which the consumption of fat as a fuel is highest.

Zone 5 – anaerobic threshold: the intensity at anaerobic threshold

Zone 6 – aerobic maximum: an intensity at which your oxygen uptake will raise to its maximum rate in very short time. (lactate production rate equals lactate clearance rate)

Zone 7 – high anaerobic: the intensity at which 25% of the needed energy comes from glycolytic energy supply (in steady state condition).

Zone 8 – lactate shuttling: the lower value shows the intensity at which you can clear lactate at the maximum rate. The upper values shows the intensity at which lactate accumulates at the same rate.

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